On Monday, January 31, 2000 Lady Grey crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
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"Lady Jane Grey"
   We don't know very much about the first part of Lady's life. I like to think of her rescue as being a "rebirth". Lady was dumped into a kill shelter at the age of 13 because she was no longer wanted. Fortunately, at the time she was dropped off, a rescue lady recognized her as a Norwegian Elkhound. She contacted a member of Moosedog, who went to check out the old girl. Lady weighed close to 75 pounds, could barely walk, and was in deplorable condition. A member of Moosedog volunteered to pay for a trip to the veterinarian to see if Lady could be saved, and if not, could then be put to sleep in a dignified manner.
   It turned out that Lady just needed a bath, some dental work, a diet, and a lot of loving care! She was picked up from the Ohio shelter by a Moosedogger who drove a 10 hour round trip to get her. She stayed there for a week or so, and pictures of Lady were posted up on the Moosedog listserve. When I saw her face for the first time, I knew that she belonged here with us. Our family discussed it, and we all agreed that Lady NEEDED us! Through the efforts of kind Moosedoggers, Lady made her way from Chicago to Urbana, Illinois, then she was transferred to another member, who drove Lady all the way to Oxford, Mississippi. Lady spent the night in Oxford, then she was transported by another member to Winona, Mississipi. She was then taken to Jackson, Mississippi, which is where I picked her up.
   It will be two years in January since Lady came home. She is pushing 15, and looking pretty well for her age, considering the condition she was found in. She's still a little on the porky side, but she is the Queen of the household! We also have a 2 1/2 year old male elkie, Maxx, and a 9 month old Great Pyrenees named Belle. Lady rules over her subjects with flair and high drama. Whenever Belle and Maxx begin to play too roughly, Lady comes charging in and usually grabs a hunk of fur on either dog's butt, depending on who's closer! They love and revere their "grandma".
   Lady is also very special to our autistic daughter, Lizzie. Lizzie never really cared for dogs until she met her gentle Lady. She learned to pet her, and tickle her belly, and best of all, Lizzie discovered that if she took her shoes off she could wiggle her toes in Lady's soft fur! I call Lady "Bright Eyes", cause she has the softest brown eyes I have ever seen. She follows me everywhere, and looks at me with love. I spend at least an hour a day, just sitting on the floor with her, petting herand talking and singing to her. It is the best therapy in the world.
   If you have ever thought of adopting an older dog, I say, GO FOR IT. I have never regretted it for a moment. I realize that, due to her advanced age, and the fact that she was in bad shape when she got here, that her time with us is limited. That's why I always have time for her...if she needs me, then I'm there. I know that when she passes I will feel a great sense of loss, but I will also know that, thanks to the help of the Moosedog crew, Lady finally learned what loving and being loved is all about..... Geri

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