Breed Books

Elkhound and Finsk Spitz by Lady Kitty Ritsen, published in 1930's in Great Britain
How to Raise and Train a Norwegian Elkhound by Glenna Clark Crafts, 3 editions. 1)1964, (Int. Ch Trygvie Vikingsson with trophies on cover) ,T.F.H. Publications, Inc., Jersey City, N.J. 2) with an elkhound standing in snow -"American and Canadian Ch. Crafdal Tryg N. Thors Token, a top stud".
My 60 Years with Norwegian Elghunds by Olav P. Campbell, 1988, Karen Elvin has this book in stock ~~~E-Mail
The New Complete Norwegian Elkhound by Olav Wallo, Copyright 1970, 1957 These are two separate books - one from 1957, one from 1970
The New Complete Norwegian Elkhound by Olav Wallo, Copyright 1987 (third edition) ,1970, - Karen Elvin has this book in stock ~~~E-Mail
Norwegian Elkhounds by Anna Katherine Nicholas, 1983, T.H.F. Publications Inc, Jersey City, N. J.
The Elkhound by Kitty C Heffer 1969, Twyning, Tewkesbury UK, republished by the British Elkhound Club in 1985.
The Elkhound in the British Isles by Anne Roslin-Williams, 1993 published for Anne Roslin-Willliams, printed by Witherby & Co, London.
The Norwegian Elkhound by Dr. Nina P. Ross, 1995, Doral Publishing Inc., Wilsonville, Oregon.
Your Norwegian Elkhound by Helen E. Franciose and Nancy C. Swanson, 1974, William F. Denlinger, Fairfax, VA.
Vassfarbjornen by Edvard Elsrud (Norwegian text on Hunting for Bear in Norway with photos of elkhounds with bears they had hunted.) 1975, Grondahl & Son Forlag, Oslo, Norway.
Om Elghunder og Elgjakt" 1949 , Norway "Elghunder, fra valp til elgfall" by Kare Vidar Pedersen, 1998, from Norway written entirely in Norwegian, but wonderful photos of hunting elkhounds, puppies, etc.instructions on ordering in the March April NEAA news. Lots of color photos.
"Howdy A Tribute To Ch.Vin-Melca's Howdy Rowdy". This book is 8.5 X 11, paper back, and was printed in 1979 by the Village Printers in Los Gatos, CA. It was published by the Howdy Rowdy Memorial Committee as a tribute to Howdy. This is a 115 page pictorial of Howdy, his over 150 champion and titled offspring, their dams, special wins, grand get, and a few great-grand get with their accomplishments. It's a very special book, with limited copies as it was printed at the expense of the Committee.

Children's or Story Books

Of Gods and Dogs by Dr Nina P. Ross, 1994, Towery Publishing Incorporated, Memphis Tenn.
Puc Gray Dog of Norway by Dr Nina P. Ross, 1995, The Best of Times, Pelham, Alabama.
Rolf an Elkhound of Norway by Margaret S.Johnson and Helen Lossing Johnson. 1941, Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York.
Snipp, Snapp , Snurr and the Reindeer by Maj Lindman, 1957, 1995, Albert Whitman & Company, Morton Grove, Illinois.
Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Seven Dogs by Maj Lindman (this includes a black elkhound), 1959, Albert Whitman & Company, Morton Grove, Illinois.
Sundance on the Mountain by Olav Wallo, 1987, Wallo Press, Viking Press, Eden Prairie, MN.
"Belinda" by Olive Bigelow Pell, 1968, Vantage Press (darling illustrations) Story about a real elkhound.

"Death Stalks the Khmer" by Pat Harrington
"Death Comes Too Soon" by Pat Harrington
"A mystery series featuring Bridget O'Hern, and amateur sleuth, who has a Norwegian Elkhound for a companion. Narvik, is actually the name of our family dog of 16 years. I think it's very fitting to memorialize her with a fictional offspring who accompanies Bridget as she "seeks her bliss," and finds bodies stewn on the path. My website is www.patriciaharrington, and the book can be ordered at or at"

Miscellaneous Books where the Elkhound is featured

Born to Win- Breed to Succeed by Patricia V. Craige, 1997, Doral Publishing, Inc.
Dogs by Rien Poortvliet, 1983, by Harry N. Abrams, New York. printed in the Netherlands.
On Talking Terms with Dogs :Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas,1997 Legacy by Mail, Kula, HI
The Hunting Dogs of America by Jeff Griffen, 1964, by Doubleday & Company, New York
Understanding your Dog" by Eberhard Trumler, 1973, Faber and Faber. Originally published as "Mit den Hund auf du" (R Piper & Co. Verlag, Munchen 1971)
All About Show Dogs by Sam Kohl 1981 Has a beautiful picture of Glenna Crafts and Ch. Crafdal Tryg N Thors Token on the inside cover of the book. No other reference to an elkhound, just all about dog shows.

Magazines, Journals and Annuals

AKC Gazette issues November 1988 Nordic Breed issue(related articles and Elkies Twelfth National ), April 1988(Elkhound cover)
Arligg Norwegian Stud Directory 1968,1969 1970, 1971 published by Terry and Linda Ege, Portland, Oregon.
Bloodlines UKC Magazine issue March-April 1999 (Elkhound cover)
Canadian Elkhounder published quarterly by the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Canada, Editor Johannes DeViet, London Ontario.
Dog Fancy Magazine, issues February 1986(Elkhound cover and breed profile by Harold Shew), November 1994(Elkhound cover and breed profile by Patricia Craige Trotter), April 1998 (Elkhound cover and breed article "Dog of the Vikings by September B. Morn) All have numerous color photographs to illustrate the articles.
Dog World Magazine issue September 1999 (Elkhound cover and breed article by Kim D. R. Dearth).
The British Elkhound Club Journals and Elkhound News published by the British Elkhound Club several times yearly.
The Elkhound Anthology 1983 published by the NEAA (articles, artwork and poetry, close-ups of Howdy and Harlo)
Great Gray Dogs-The Norwegian Elkhound Factbook 1974 Edition published by Great Gray Dogs, Shreveport, and LA.
Great Gray Dogs-The Norwegian Elkhound Factbook 1980 Edition published by Great Gray Dogs, Shreveport, LA. Available NEAA bookstore.
The Elkhound Annual, Annual book published by Hoflin Publishing Company, Wheat Ridge Colorado, 1996, 1997, 1998.
The Elkhound Quarterly, Quarterly magazine published by Hoflin Publishing, Wheat Ridge, Colorado from 1983 to 1995.
Kennel Gazette, issue April 1998, Published by The Kennel Club, London (features "The Judges Choice", and "Elkhound Collectibles".
Norsk Elghund Quarterly, published quarterly published currently by Papa Publications, Ginger Lawson since Summer 1994, published by Cotton and Stan Silverman from Jan 1984 to 1994 and by Inger Halverson prior to 1984, (1979 is earliest date I have.)
Kennel Review: August, 1970 Spotlight show was Santa Barbara where Ch. Vin-Melca's Vagabond went Best In Show with an entry of 3,674 dogs. Cover dog was Ch. Rancho Dobes Maestro, Dobe, but page 1 inside is that great photo by Smolley with Pat Craig Trotter and Bond in full stride. Vagabond was top dogs all breeds that year(1970).
Kennel Review March, 1983 Pictured on the front are Betty White with Ch. Vin-Melca's Before Dawn. Inside are articles on Dr. Robert Indeglia by Anna Katherine Nicholas and Kennel Review's Feature on the Hound Group. Pictures inside of several Vin-Melca dogs.
Kennel Review November, 1991 Pictured on the front is an action shot of Ch. Vin-Melca's Bombardier. No special articles inside, but there is a picture of Pat Craig Trotter in an open cockpit plane with Bombardier sitting in her lap.

Compiled by Kari Olson

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