If you have a rescue and would like to honor him/her with a picture and a short story about where they came from and where they now live. Any aspect of rescue is welcome.

Special Rescue Puppy March 2000

Cinder at the end of this week - week 5 - weighs 18 pounds, quite a bit different than the 7.5 pounds she weighed at 4 months. She has gained an average of 2 pounds per week - is really solid and muscled. Plays sometimes for two hours non-stop. Actually it is sometimes a relief when her blood sugar drops to 65 and she goes off to sleep. See the bit of snow in the grass. We had a lot of snow but then rain and it melted. She weighs 18 pounds now at just over 5 months. From 7.5 pounds 5 weeks ago. She is all dog and all puppy - now going through the ankle biting , leash biting - biting everything stage. Ornery and funny but still quite sweet and bright and the makings of a great retriever. She also loves water and tips over all the water bowls and buckets. Has been in the Rio Grande -several times - wading.
Majie and Moosies ~~~~3/31/00

The day she arrived - emaciated and pathetic and about 2 weeks later when she had gained almost 4 to 5 pounds. She has gone from 7.5 pounds to 15 pounds this am. She is growing like a weed. Her blood glucose levels are doing great. Her blood work which was awful before she came is almost totally normal - done last Friday. She is a doll - quite smart - knows sit, is housebroken 95% of the time, fetches with great abandon . She has tons of personality - but then I guess that puppies do. I have not had puppies for 16 years - and I forgot how much fun they can be. How silly and funny and endearing.


     This is picture of her after she was here for about 10 days. She is fat and sassy and smart. Has all the makings of a service dog. Brings me my shoes after having a good chew. ~~~~~~ Majie Powey


Here is Yogi, the 38 lb.Elkie from the Ohio shelter that the Nelsen Fund rescued last year. It has been almost a year since then and he has been in his new home for 6 months or thereabouts if memory serves me right. As you can see he is no longer in the 38 lb. range and Gary tells me he is more in the 50 lb. area. As usual he was not too much on the idea of being held when he went to PetSmart to get his picture taken with Santa which by the looks of things was good for Santa as I don't think that she really could have handled him (Mrs. Claus was filling in that day). Yogi did however announce his presence to a couple of Rottweilers as they were going into the store and it seems that they decided that discretion was indeed the better part of valor. Sort of makes it all worthwhile to get a picture like this.
Part of email from new owner Gary, sent by Dennis Moser


This dog traveled from Minnesota to Ohio. "Here is a picture of Bram in the snow, also one of him with our son, Christopher. These two have become fast friends,even fighting over toys and food. I hope they have a long time together." ~~~~Tonya

This is Nicki, one of the pups Candace rescued.~~ "I'm sure those who "rescued" wonder if they went to good homes. You could add that Nicki is pretty spoiled. She is allowed to come in every night (if she wants) and sleep in the house and also sleeps inside during the winter. The other thing I would like to comment on is how very affectionate and smart she is. She will play rough with Dale but never does with me as she knows I don't like it. She thinks the horses belong to her -- and they have accepted her. She runs in and out of everyone's stall, touching noses and playing and even the stud will tolerate her being in his stall. I can't imagine my world without her now. Peg, her new owner."

Tryg Tryg's owner passed away, and he found a home with the people who had wanted him as a puppy! He actually isn't a rescue, but could have been. Marlene writes "I visited with him today - he's living only a few short miles from me. He met me at the door with his tail a wagging. Sara said he came in the house the first day and it's as though he's been with them since puppyhood. Unless told, one would never suspect he is 9 1/2 years old. Sara and Steve's dearly departed Thor was Tryg's great uncle and the family characteristics are readily noticeable. Tryg, in true Elkhound fashion, made short order of becoming a much loved and treasured member of the household. They love him dearly and aren't one bit sorry for taking in an "old dog".

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