RAMBO - April 30, 2004

Here is my Rambo, celebrating his 16th birthday. He hates having his picture taken, so I have to take what I can get. He has such an incredible lovely temperament. His father was a Norjer dog, from Jerrie Schweizer. He had a sister but we lost her 2 years ago. Jo Bell


Happy Birthday, Baldur


Here is a picture of Baldur just before his 15th birthday, which he just celebrated on April 1, 2000.
An absolutely wonderful picture, Kari O.

Young BaldurBIS, SCH, U-CDX, AKC/CKC CH. VIKIRO'S SILVERADO AKC CDX, SKC CD, CGC, TT, TDI, O-VCCX "Baldur" born April 1, 1985.
I had several pet elkhounds and I wanted to get a show dog. I spotted him in the litter and he stood out for a mile with his little square body, little ears and tight centered tail......When I bought "Baldur" from Vikiro, Viki asked me was I sure I would really show him ? Me? Show? Well, I showed and showed. My first champion and my first special. He was a specialty BOW as well as Best in Sweepstakes at the NEINEA specialty. In his time he was the only special actively showing in both conformation and obedience. He was listed in the statistics of both, top 10 obedience and top 20 conformation. He had group placements in AKC, SKC, CKC and the BIS in SLKC. In Canada , his last year before retirement, he was the number 7 Norwegian Elkhound in conformation. He also tried agility, herding and carting.
Older Baldur He was a model for artists, and his photo was used by the AKC Gazette to illustrate the breed column as well as in an article by a judge about head type.In addition, "Baldur" thrilled audiences in pet therapy visits by his scent discrimination...he would find the article the patient had scented and return it to them. He was featured on a poster for National Occupational Therapy Week at the hospital. He has earned his retirement and resides at home with his niece "Brenne" and great nephew "Brottsjo" .They now carry on his tradition of high achievement in working champions. "Baldur" certainly proved that a champion can be more than just a pretty face. Kari Olson

U-CDX Alpha's Living Shadow, CDX, Can. CD, TDI, TT, CGC is the "seniorest" senior of SANCTUM's senior brigade. "Shady" was born on November 11, 1984. She was our first elkhound...first AKC obedience dog...first AKC CD...first U-CD...first Canadian CD...first AKC CDX, first therapy dog...first temperament-tested dog...first nationally- ranked obedience dog (#3 novice in 1986, #8 open dog in 1988)... Most precious among her many firsts is first in our hearts. It was Shady who introduced us to the wonderful world of elkhounds. She has shown us how beautiful, willful, smart, stubborn, loving, clever, and sweet elkhounds can be. Because of her, we'll never be without one! Shady turns 15 in November of 1999. She has heart trouble now (a bad mitral valve) and can really use your prayers. Ed and Donna Jagodzinski

Alphas Taint Funny McGee, CD, TDI, TT, CGC was born on October 5, 1986. McGee might look very serious, but hes a fun-loving fella who loves playing practical jokes on his packmates. Hes just turned 13 and is getting arthritic, so hes retired from active work as a therapy dog now. He has the singular distinction of having been chosen "Volunteer of the Month" at one of the nursing homes where he worked. Hes been a good buddy and a willing worker his entire life, acting more like a golden retriever in an elkhound suit than the typical Norwegian elkhound. Hes sweet and loving, anxious to please, and an all-around nice guy, and we hope he's around for a long, long time! Ed and Donna Jagodzinski

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Edited 21 July 2000