March 2000

Zoey is blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.
Zoey is one of the Aberdeen Therapets who won the Queen's Golden Jubilee award in 2003. She also won 2nd place in Therapet of the Year out of over 600 visiting dogs with Canine Concern Scotland Trust.

Lady having her picture taken with Zoey, her Therapet.

I no longer show her owing to my health but she is a constant visitor as a therapet in nursing homes and handicapped, where she really came home as if this is what I was meant to do. She is adored by all who know her and is known all over Scotland with showing and her therapeting.
sincerely David Stuart-Calder, Aberdeen, Scotland.


This adorable little guy is an Eurasier puppy, belonging to Bob Hirsch

These are pictures sent by Maryann. They are interesting. Go to Show pictures of Black Elkhound, White Elkhound, Red Jamthund, Grey Jamthund.

Go to Scarlett to see recent pictures of Scarlett, from Sue Hamilton. Thank you Sue.


A black bear looking for food in a British Columbia village was shot after it became agressive. Debate is growing on the lack of salmon - the primary food for bears. {Picture taken from the internet}


This beautiful artwork is done by Sue Hamilton's daughter, Jill Woolfork. The dog is
Ch. Alpha's Gin Aloha.

"Bottoms Up"

It is my alpha bitch Floppeline Knickohr doing her Yoga-thing. She is feeding from the backseat in my Van. It was taken on St. Patrick's Day 1999 at North Bull Island Beach here in Dublin, IRL. It is only b/w but one of my favourite ones.
Submitted by Bea - E-Mail



This is a picture of Ms. Ruby and her lovely dog, Kjala, taken about 4 or 5 years ago at the PSNEA in Woodinville, WA. She always had extra things for people - if you need a drink, she had cokes, etc., if you needed plastic bags, Ruby had them. A very sharing, kind person.
Submitted by Jo Bell 1-10-2000

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