For those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2002

A Listing of those on the Remembrance Pages
Begining on Jan 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001


“ Heidi ”

Ellyka Hengiven Heidi 

12/16/2010 - 10/29/21


When Heidi came to us, the plan was for her to follow in the footsteps of Shadow and Karri, visiting nursing homes.  When that became impossible due to the progression of Sharon’s illness, Heidi decided to devote herself to keeping Sharon’s spirits up.  Even on Sharon’s darkest days, Heidi managed to get her to laugh.  And after Sharon passed, our little clown was even able to get me to smile.


Heidi was almost 11 when we lost her last Friday, though she always acted much younger.  We were fortunate that she only had a few really difficult days, and I was able to be with her at the end.  She has joined her best canine friends Johann and Karri at the bridge.


You’ve been the best, baby girl.  We’ll meet again.


Barclay Hills



Loki  Bear
11/19/2006 - 2/3/2017

Loki Bear was truly a gift.  Born in a horse barn on November 19, 2006, fate decided we belonged together.  I saw an ad in our local newspaper and ventured out to "take a look" at the puppies.  After seeing his little face I knew I couldn't leave without him.  I've never known a dog more loving and joyous.  He was excited about everything...especially treats!  He gave me 10 amazing, happy years of his life which I will cherish til the end of time.

On his 10th birthday he had to have unexpected emergency surgery to remove a tumour on his spleen.   Our wonderful vet took such great care of him and he bounced right back after his surgery.  Tragically, the tumour was cancerous and in the months to follow it spread.  On February 3th, 2017 I had to say goodbye to my best friend.  My heart hurts every day and I would give anything to have him back by my side.

Kinsey Winger

Erickson aka Mr. Erick
4/14/2005 - 6/24/2015

My Boy past away after ten years with me.  Erickson was one of the best friends a guy could have.  He was born April 14, 2005 and came home to me on Jun23 of that year.  He was born in Kansas and he was not just my best friend he saved my life.  As a veteran I was severely depressed after my elkie Sheena crossed and he was in my life a week later.  He rescued me from depression, helped me sleep soundly, and was eventually classified a service dog.  He was the most amazing loving elkies I have ever been owned by.  Sadly on Jun 24, 2015 my Erickson lost his battle with a brain tumor shortly after our move to Colorado.  He did enjoy four winter months of Colorado snows and weather but on the night before he crossed I knew it was time.  I grabbed blankets and pillows and for the last time I slept with my boy on the floor as he couldn't move much.  I didn't let him suffer and my heart broke when our vet came to our home to help him.  I know every one of my elkhounds have been just as special but this boy was more than just a dog or companion.  I still miss him today and still shed tears from time to time.  This is why it has taken so long for me to be able to ask for him to be honored on your memorial page which also has his sister from 2005.

Jason Winn

“Old dogs come and old dogs go, old dogs always seem to know,
That love is life's most precious flow and love is worth the waiting.
And when their time on earth is through, old dogs are forever true,
And ‘round the bend they wait for you come some tomorrow morning.”

…. from “Old Dogs” by Bill Staines


Ellyka-Thorbjorn’s Tempest
10/11/2000 – 8/6/2016

Early Saturday morning, Karri joined Joey, Shadow and her littermate Tara at the Bridge.  She had been declining for a while, but was not in pain.  She was still asking for chin rubs and wagging her tail right up to the last few days, and only stopped reminding us when it was dinnertime on the last day.  I’m sure the knowledge that she had a long life, and a relatively easy passing, will help us get through this.

Karri may have been the sweetest Elkhound we’ve ever had, and that’s really saying something.  Her sweet, gentle nature made her lots of friends among the nursing home residents she visited every week for nearly 10 years.  For a while she was also competing in conformation, but she eventually let us know that the only career she wanted was to be a therapy dog.

As for what she meant to us personally, I think everybody on this list knows that putting a 15 1/2 year relationship with a dog into words is pretty close to impossible, and right now I’m not sure I’m even able to try.   Heidi, our other Elkhound, is already trying to help fill the void we feel.   Hopefully we can do the same for her.

Barclay & Sharon Hills

Ch. Windy City's Guardian Angel
5/7/02 - 5/8/16

Gabriel has always been a very special companion.   He was always highly aware of any stress or loss.  He was the sweetest boy who loved everyone.   As a puppy he always wanted to be carried like a child.   He would jump into your arms.  One rear leg on each side of your torso.   One front leg on each shoulder and his head next to your head.   Gabriel was always happy, always wagging his tail, even at the end.   I will always have a special place in my heart for Gabriel.   Now he is my...Guardian Angel.

S. Kaplan

Memories of Stig
4/4/2004 - 4/28/2016

Stig met Fran and myself for the first time at the Colorado Springs Shelter.  We had gone there because we felt the need for a New Friend, since we had just lost Mason.  And we wanted another Elkhound.

When the Shelter people brought Stig into the room, he was so happy that he rolled around on the floor and gave us a very warm greeting.  That was it; Our Vet told us,he had been shot with a shotgun and the pellets were still under his skin.  Of course he was treated for that.

It was suggested that we give him the name of Stig, which I was told meant Traveler or wander in Norwegian.  That name did apply to him;  He wandered off a couple of times for several days where we found each other on one of the peaks around here.

Basically, we both communicated well between us.  He also let us know if any cars came on our road and, of course, any Deer or other wildlife that would come by.  Stig loved people.  When we lived in a retirement community for a couple of years, he and I would visit the community medical center every day.  The people there really enjoyed his visits and I know he did.

Be at peace STIG.  You have been LOVED and still ARE LOVED.

         Fran & Dutch Muetz

2004 – September 23, 2015

She came to rescue in 2010, 6 yrs old, heartworm positive, and abandoned when her owners moved.  Many thanks to Carol and Larry Gray for fostering her through HW treatment and to Andrea Baker for moving her here after treatment was finished.  We fostered her for two months before we finally realized WE were her adopting family.  Looking back, she decided that far earlier than we did as evidenced by her couch photo taken on her second day here.


She was always smart and seemed to know exactly what we were thinking.  I asked her Wednesday if she thought she was ready to travel to the Bridge and she went straight to the car. She wasn’t into car rides that much and it was clear that she knew she wanted to leave.  She did make her last statement about entitlement when she was offered soft treats at the vet office.  She dove into the treat jar and ate as many as she could.  If she had been able to breathe more easily, she would have taken them all.  They all knew her there from having had two cruciate ligament repairs and were well aware of her “nothing holds me back” attitude.  She left this life with the same spirit we always loved.  With her, she took a large part of our hearts.

You are loved and missed, Doodle bug!

Pam, Tom, Andy, Lucky and Starbuck


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