These are the pictures from the 2000Halloween contest. You can get to the information about them by clicking on their names, or if you want to access the profiles page, just click on Results
There are some great pictures again this year.

Halloween 2000

Marauder Judge

1.Merry Marauder

2.Judge Judy

Kissing Cousins Kissing Cousins

3.Kissing Cousins

4.Kissing Cousins

Big Boned Yankee

4. Big Boned

5. Yankee

K9 Cowgirl

6. K9 Clown

7. CowGirl

Cleo Packard

8.Cleo Paw Tra

9.Packard Fan

Fairy Cookies

10.Fractured Fairy Tales

10.What Kind of Cookies


10. No Costumes

11. ET Phone Home

Hairy Potter Prince Charles

12.Hairy Potter

13.Prince Charles

Old Camilla

14.Old Maid


Rainbow Santa Paws

16.Over the Rainbow

17. Santa Paws

Happy Tails Red

18.Happy Tails

18.Red Hots

Jimmy Buffet Fenway Fav

19.Jimmy Buffett

20.Fenway Favorite

Hula Girl Put

21.Hula Girl

21.Put Me In, Coach

Scarlett Bitcharoo


22.Bitcharoo Banzai

Devil blue dress Bathing Beauty

22.Devil In Blue Dress

23.Bathing Beauty

Doctor Dressed To Thrill

23.Doctor in the House

24.Dressed to Thrill

Green Thumb Got Milk

24.Green Thumb

24.Got Milk?

Karnak Bee Serious

24.Great Karnak

24.Bee Serious

Hundred Little Angel

24.Hundred in the Shade

24.Little Angel

Shop Please

24.Shop Till You Drop

24. Please sir, more?

Aloha Biker Bitch

24. Aloha

25. Biker Bitch

Devil Dog Flying Monkeys

25.Devil Dog

25.Flying Monkeys

I'll get you Lady Di

25.I'll Get You

25.Lady Di



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This page last edited on 4 October 2000