These are the pictures from the 2007 Halloween contest. You can get to the information about them by clicking on their names, or if you want to access the profiles page, just click on Results
There are some great pictures again, as there are every year.

Halloween 2007

Johnny Noooobody

1.Johnny Depp has nothing on me!"

Nooobody knows...the trouble I've Seen"

Eyes Stirling

3.Eyes on the Road"3.

4. Stirling Moose, almost famous race car driver

Campagining" Having

5.Campaigning for JNMRF

6.Having a Great Time

Elklowns Captain

7.Elklowns are like aspirin -only work twice as fast

8.Captain Greybeard

PegLeg Go

9.PegLeg Pirate Pup

10.If we could go back in time.

Devil Count

11.The Devil went down to Georgia

12.Count Elkula

Have Gorgeous

13.I prayed, can I have my cookie now?

14.Gorgeous Model

Three Farthest

15.Three Unfortunate Guys

16.World's Farthest North Elkhound

Elkhound Looking

17.Elkhound Twins

18.Looking for other elkhounds

Where's Santa

19.Where's the cake?

20.Santa's Agility Partner

Comic Ahoy

21.Unknown Comic Elkhound


Devildog Clown


24.The Hungry Clown

Countess Pups

25.Countess Puppula

26.Pupkin patch

Chicken Riding

27.Nemesis into a chicken

28.Wolf dressed as Little Red Riding Hood

Barklet Too

29.Bored Hollywood Barklet

30.One too many!

Firechief Devilishly

31.FireChief, want a ride on my truck?

32. Not another costume

Fashion Fellow

33.Fashion Skunk

34.My Fellow Americans

Doggie Fashion

35.Dewclaw, Cheatum and Howl

36.Fashion Girl and Little Devil

Hat Dreams

37.My Hat is in the ring

38.Dreams of a Getaway

Ghosts Midas

39.Ghosts of Dentists past

40.Elkhound King Midas

Ritz Get

41.Putting on the Ritz

42.I'm gonna get YOU

Conehead Confused

43.Miss Conehead

44.Confused Cat Clothier (aka Tailor)

basshound moosing

45.Norwegian Basshound

46.Say...Are you moosing with me?

masquerade Icey

47.Masquerading as a Pumpkin

48.Ah, Icey Cubes from Heaven!

Barkerbar Gotem

49.Seeing Double..One too Many at the barker bar

50.Ha!!!I got 'em!


51.Look Mama, I'm a werewolf!

52.Doggy Rider: Have paws - will travel!

Disguise Guarding

53.Hmmm, hows this for a disguise?

54.Guarding the Treats - Look out for creepy hand Birdie!

Witch Dr

55.Spells Part 1: The Witch has something up her sleeve!

56.Dr. FrankNFurter

Anything Demon

57.Anything Goes

58.Mild Mannered by day, they turn into Demon Dogs!

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